Dimension Craft, Inc. – Didgebridge: Press Release:  October 23, 2017  

Dimension Craft Inc., Didgebridge Delivers Digital Product Catalog to Mizuho America Inc. at CNS Annual Meeting 2017

Chicago, Illinois – October 23, 2017.

Dimension Craft, Inc. (www.dimensioncraftinc.com) and Didgebridge LLC (www.didgebridge.com/) delivered a custom digital product catalog as part of Mizuho America’s (www.mizuho.com) exhibit presentation at this year’s CNS (Congress of Neurological Surgeons) Annual Meeting.

Dimension Craft, Inc. and Didgebridge, LLC have a strategic partnership to combine the strengths of both firms to best serve their clients’ interests and marketing requirements.  Dimension Craft, Inc. is an integrated exhibit designer and builder with decades of client experience and Didgebridge, LLC is a mobile video and digital analytics company founded by senior marketing executives and award-winning technologists.

Mizuho America, Inc., located in Union City, CA was seeking to add a digital catalog within its exhibit structure for the CNS Annual Meeting in 2017.  Mizuho wanted to display the wide range of surgical products on its website as well as from its other marketing materials.  The goal was to put it all on one centralized platform that can be viewed on both a touch screen within the exhibit as well as on iPad devices during the exhibition.

“This was a unique project for us and it kept evolving as we worked on it.  This was by no means cookie cutter in any way.  All elements, from the exhibit itself to the digital catalog required innovative thought and careful delivery,” Mallorie De Riggi, Marketing Manager at Dimension Craft explained.

The digital catalog was built to be an interactive web platform that was easy to use and intuitive for attendees as well as for sales representatives.

“Dimension Craft in partnership with Didgebridge is revolutionizing how surgeons access a wide variety of Mizuho products by not only creating a new kind of physical touch screen experience, but also by featuring a one-of-a-kind, convenient quick-access mobile video on-demand portal without the need for installing an app,” said Ryan Swadley, Chief Innovation Officer for Didgebridge.

“This allows for the Mizuho interactive booth experience and its digital product catalog to be instantly available for their sales teams, thereby improving efficiency in re-communicating with booth attendees.”

Ms. De Riggi added, “We wanted to do our very best for Mizuho and we’re very fortunate to be backed by a firm like Didgebridge that brings so many years of innovative digital experience to be able to build out from scratch a comprehensive web platform that contained hundreds of pages of content within a relatively narrow turnaround time.”

“Our partnership with Didgebridge enables us to expand our digital marketing and web development capabilities to our clients in a variety of beneficial and innovative ways,” said Peter Hetzel, President of Dimension Craft Inc.

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Contact: Mallorie De Riggi
Marketing Manager, Dimension Craft, Inc.


Contact: John McNulty
CEO, Didgebridge


Dusobox-Bay Cities-Didgebridge: Press Release:  MARCH 31, 2017                 


First of Its Kind Alliance Transforms In-Aisle Shopping with New Mobile Video Technology


Dusobox, Bay Cities, and Didgebridge partner to launch INTELLISMART™ Mobile Video Retail Environments – A complete in-store solution integrating scalable on-demand mobile video content access and instant data insights


Orlando, Florida – March 31, 2017 –  John Kelley, CEO of Dusobox provides the following details: “We are excited to partner with both Bay Cities and Didgebridge, to better serve the needs of our brand and retailing partners within a rapidly evolving mobile-shopper marketing sector. Our proprietary, collaborative capabilities allow us to transform any retail environment touchpoint into an Intellismart ™ purchase-helpful, mobile video on-demand experience for any shopper with a smart phone or tablet. We are now equipping both brands and retailers with new, Microsoft-supported mobile video tools and instant insights to provide a more engaging in-aisle experience — without cumbersome beacons, apps, screens, or QR codes.”


Greg Tucker, Bay-Cities CEO offers: “We want the consumer to look forward to brick and mortar store shopping and view the retail environment as educational, informative — and most importantly, purchase-helpful. This new alliance is the only truly-integrated retail environment solution in the industry.  Intellismart™ Retail Environments include ideation, design, build, high-speed, 4-color-digital printing — plus integration of the Didgebridge on-demand mobile video content serving and data capturing platform backed by a Joint Marketing Agreement (JMA) with Microsoft.


John McNulty, CEO of Didgebridge adds: “We are delighted to partner with Dusobox and Bay Cities in providing an end to end, seamless solution to energize retail growth. Our Intellismart ™ retail environment platform has already been deployed by Fortune 500 CPG brands in over 10,000 retail stores nationwide. Didgebridge’s proprietary, on-demand, cloud-based, mobile video serving platform was developed, coded, and engineered by Ryan Swadley, Chief Innovation Officer, and his award-winning mobile video software Team.”


Swadley sums up the new alliance as follows: “We know the shopper wants purchase-helpful mobile video content and they do not want intrusion. Our alliance enables the shopper to access desired content at a time and place of their choosing. We must not forget that on the path to purchase, the consumer remains the boss.”

 About Dusobox

 Based in Orlando, Florida, Dusobox is one of the nation’s most progressive leaders in shopper-focused, retail environment solutions, including high-speed, 4-color, laser printing. For more information on Dusobox, we invite you to visit:  www.dusobox.com


(Contact: Chuck Delaney; Senior VP Retail Sales, Dusobox – phone: 708.491.5090)

 About Bay Cities

 Bay Cities is a leading edge provider of fully-integrated, shopper focused, marketing solutions, with offices in Pico Rivera, California, and Bentonville, Arkansas.  For more information on Bay Cities, we invite you to visit:   www.bay-cities.com

 (Contact: Greg Tucker; Chairman & CEO, Bay Cities – phone:  562.948.3751)


About Didgebridge

Didgebridge, with offices in Chicago and Indianapolis, is a mobile-marketing technology company, which specializes in on-demand mobile video content delivery and proprietary Intellismart ™ instant shopper insights.  For more info on Didgebridge, we invite you to visit: www.didgebridge.com   TEXT: intellismart   TO: 555888  (Contact: John McNulty; CEO, Didgebridge – phone: 847.323.0858)



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Contact: John McNulty


Didgebridge Expands Capabilities of Its “The Marketing Internet of Everything” with IntelliSmart Leads by Mail, a Microsoft Outlook Add-In

Chicago, Illinois – October 19, 2016.
Didgebridge (DB) announces further marketplace expansion of its Intellismart ™ “Marketing Internet of Everything” platform. DB already uses the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to serve its mobile video ads, and is now further enhancing its platform’s capabilities with a Microsoft add-in for Outlook, IntelliSmart Leads by Mail. DB’s mobile video cloud platform enables marketers to enhance physical-world touchpoints and enrich viewer experience by integrating engaging, purchase-helpful, interactive mobile video content and precision demographic, psychographic, and socioeconomic analytics. DB defines physical world touchpoints to include; print, in-store, stadium, concerts, and outdoor. Even TV and radio.

“Companies marketing to the elusive 84 million mobile-savvy millennials are confronted with the same marketing challenge today. They need to better non-intrusively engage consumers with purchase-helpful mobile video content. And then to develop ongoing one-to-one (opt-in) communication and relationships with them, regardless of their marketing touchpoint of choice. With the Intellismart Leads by Mail’s inclusion of proprietary analytics with scoring based on depth of engagement, plus the Outlook add-in   , DB now enables marketers to use mobile video to better engage and communicate with consumers who come in contact with their brand from physical, as well as digital marketing touchpoints,” said John McNulty, CEO of Didgebridge.

According to McGhee Osse, CEO of Burrell Communications, “As an agency, we are committed to providing our clients with the most effective, ROI relevant marketing campaigns. The Didgebridge mobile video Intellismart platform with Microsoft integration has allowed us to exceed our client’s expectations. It enhances previously static consumer touchpoints with rich interactive mobile video content and analytics giving us the opportunity to quantify level of engagement and depth of interest for each viewer. Our agency now has the ability to both optimize mobile video campaigns and better understand our consumers at a much greater depth so that we can deliver a more personalized and contextually helpful customer experience.”

Rob Howard, director of Office Ecosystem, Microsoft Corp., said, “Through this integration, Didgebridge is taking actionable data about mobile video communications and making it accessible on demand by mobile sales and marketing executives anywhere via Outlook.”

The ability of the DB Intellismart platform to rapidly enhance the impact of content in all its forms with interactive video and in-depth response data fits seamlessly with the Office suite of services to better fill the collaboration and productivity needs of business communication.

IntelliSmart Leads by Mail provides automated tools that deliver actionable data with the scalability and speed required for success in today’s competitive business environment. The integration with Outlook allows DB clients and agency partners the ability to quickly access this data via Outlook while on the go from any device and without even leaving their Outlook mailbox. The add-in maximizes sales efforts and increases internal sales productivity saving valuable time and resources between internal and external sales teams.

Didgebridge is a Chicago-based, mobile video marketing technology company founded in 2007 by a group of Senior Executives from the consumer sector, teaming with a group of Award-Winning Purdue University educated software engineers, with a unique expertise in mobile video and analytics.

For more information on the Didgebridge “Marketing Internet of Everything”:

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Contact: John McNulty


Didgebridge Launches IntelliSmart – Measuring Mobile Video Across All Marketing Touchpoints in the “Marketing Internet of Everything”

Chicago, Illinois – June 13, 2016.
The IntelliSmart platform allows marketers to deliver scalable interactive video content, measure depth of engagement, and obtain precision diagnostics and ROI analytics at high speed, all in one place. IntelliSmart connects all types of traditional and digital consumer touchpoints in a “Marketing Internet of Everything.” Didgebridge’s technology transforms previously static touchpoints into portable, interactive, mobile-video experiences, engaging customers on a more personal level.

IntelliSmart is an ROI measurable platform utilizing the Microsoft Azure cloud by integrating interactive, mobile-accessible video content and high-speed data measurement. “Intelli” stands for the intelligent data provided to marketers. “Smart” stands for shoppable, measurable, actionable, responsive, and timely. Previously untapped communication touchpoints, including TV, radio, print, online, social media, in-store, outdoor media, and public venues can now be transformed by IntelliSmart’s automated microsites.

“By leveraging the scale and speed of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, DB technology is able to drive innovation and increase value for marketers of today,” said Nicole Herskowitz, senior director of product marketing, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Corp. “It helps enable new automated video and ROI analytics functionality to increase the value of marketing assets in the changing and expanding world of traditional, digital, and social media marketing.”

Customers such as ad agencies, brand marketers, retailers, media sources, and medical, financial, entertainment, and insurance companies can use this technology to quickly and easily verify message impact and gain ROI decision guidance. All this is accomplished without reliance on apps to download, beacons to install, QR codes to set up, or other restrictive access technology. Anyone with a smartphone has access. This is in stark contrast to the daily bombardment of unrequested, annoying messages that make up much of today’s wasted marketing spend and effort.

“DB technology builds upon Microsoft Azure with a robust solution to help deliver and measure consumer interactive video content,” according to John McNulty, Didgebridge CEO. “DB provides tremendous scale capability that easily integrates with the scalable applications and networks already provided by Azure.” McNulty points out that “Enterprise marketers seeking greater ROI accountability for their consumer marketing asset performance will find enhanced appeal from integration with the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The old intrusive marketing communication and measurement models are not only slow, but are often based on inaccurate surveys and self-serving projections. Estimates are that less than 14 percent of TV ads are watched today, and 54 percent of online ad clicks are fraudulent. Real ROI guidance has become a casualty in this environment. The DB platform expands marketing communication reach across touchpoints, and measures results accurately, instantly, and more securely.”

The DB platform provides automated tools that support and build upon the Microsoft Azure PaaS capabilities and cloud hosting offerings for scalable applications and services globally. It is easily integrated into multi-tiered architectures, automated deployments, and global content delivery network (CDN) capabilities.

DB does business with major ad agencies, brand marketers, retail environment display agencies, and “out of home” venue operators including sport stadiums, concert and events venues. DB provides real behavioral data, unique marketing solutions, and benefit capabilities to build effective and cost efficient customer communication.

Didgebridge was founded in 2007 by a team of ROI-obsessed senior marketing executives and innovators who recognize the critical need for cohesively measuring the actual impact of content on consumer behavior. Didgebridge was founded in Chicago as a digital technology company specializing in mobile marketing. The company has developed a proprietary, cloud-based platform that can bridge the gap between otherwise static touchpoints such as TV, radio, print, and social media on a massive, yet easily implemented scale and turn them into helpful two-way interactive experiences that are shoppable and measurable from any device with no hardware or apps to install.

Contact Didgebridge to learn more about the speed, flexibility, and ease of implementation of this unique, automated platform and to find out how to more effectively manage and measure marketing resources and assets in today’s “Marketing Internet of Everything.”

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