The Intellismart® Platform

The Didgebridge award-winning software engineering team out of Purdue and Northwestern University has created a highly scaleable private rich-media custom personalized content delivery platform which has now been deployed by some of today’s most recognized Fortune 100 brands and retailers.

The Intellismart® Platform creates custom branded elegant interactive rich-media private access experiences with (videos, graphics, web pages, images, augmented reality, call-to-actions, etc.) to help marketers have a more intelligent way to deliver interactive content without having their information intercepted and shared by their competition, within the public internet ecosystem.

Full-Service Emmy Award winning Video Production and Content Distribution we also offer a wide range of professional video production services from pre-post, editing, testimonials, corporate videos, digital motion motion graphics, accessibility, and live video shooting etc. Learn more

The Intellismart® Platform Patent-Pending Technology from Didgebridge

Intellismart® Rich Content Delivery with the Microsoft Cloud ML & Predictive Analytics

The persuasive power of rich media and video is undeniable.  Didgebridge delivers private messages off of the public internet ecosystem through the use of highly focused Intellismart® powered custom built branded rich media experiences through a joint marketing partnership with Microsoft.  We use machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to measure video effectiveness, message content strength and show you what content works the best and how to improve it.

Delivering 100% Opt-in, Ultra Private, Content & Measuring any Touchpoint in Real-Time

Whether you are rolling out a  retail product, or TV Ad, Intellismart® can help you better connect to your audience and create trusted 1:2:1 relationships.  According to MarketingLand, 85% of marketers plan to increase their spending on Mobile Video Marketing in 2018. The major driving force is (49%) plan on increasing their spend on machine learning (ML) and (36%) on artificial intelligence (AI).  The Intellismart® Private Platform  incorporates both.

No 3rd Party Interceptions of Your Customers or Monitoring by Brand Competitors

Your target customers are texting many times every day.  There is no better way to reach your customer than a rich content experience. Especially, when there is no app to install or annoying pop-up ads for them to watch to receive your content. We help our customers create 1:2:1 networks and private communication channels without the worry and hassles of fraud so rampant on the Internet today. We also never share your data with third-parties or sell your private information.

Intellismart® On-Demand, Secure Opt-in Rich Media and Mobile Video Content

In-Store Marketing is not a new concept among retailers, but going mobile has only recently become a hot topic.  With smartphone ownership at well over 80%, the market is right for more effective education and helpful tutorials at the point of purchase, from TV ads and on product packaging .  Our Intellismart® technology can assist marketers in providing private educational content at the point of purchase while creating lasting high-value trusted relationships.


Consumers Consult Smartphones in Retail Stores

Companies are looking for software that will be able to analyze and act in real time – immediately affecting marketing campaigns & purchasing decisions. Then they can act on behalf of marketers during engagement,  this will be the tipping point for growth & value. Michele Goetz, Forrester Research

Michele Goetz

Forrester Research