Didgebridge is a company founded by senior marketing executives and award-winning technologists to ensure communication privacy is a “civil right” for individuals and organizations.

The Creepy Line Trailer a new movie is coming out. Watch the Trailer below.

Didgebridge provides an alternative to the privacy failings of the current public internet ecosystem.

has developed a proprietary Intellismart® platform to deliver private on-demand rich-media mobile communication to customers and individuals.

Through a joint marketing partnership with Microsoft, Intellismart® technology utilizes the power of machine-learning (ML) in the secure Azure Cloud with artificial intelligence (AI) to help marketers more effectively communicate to individuals within a personalized rich-content medium while ensuring that communication privacy is an individual “civil right.”

New movie “The Creepy Line” is coming out that explores how much of our personal privacy has been invaded. The name was chosen from a  2010 speech from Eric Schmidt ( former CEO of Google) who has said the Google policy is  “to get right up to the creepy line and not cross it.”  However, as the latest headlines today constantly show this “Creepy Line” is now being crossed on a daily basis.

100% OPT-IN. We Are Serious About Respecting Privacy. We Believe Privacy is a Civil Right.

We Provide 100% opt-in, non-intrusive rich content, personalized private communication. All without creepy cookies tracking and targeted ads from a brand’s competitors. Finally, customers and individuals can interact with mobile content safely while keeping all their personal  information and searches private.

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