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Didgebridge is a mobile video and analytics company founded in 2015 by senior marketing executives and award-winning technologists.

Discover who your customers are, where they are coming from, and even how they best respond to your messages.

How?  Didgebridge’s Intellismart Mobile Video Platform with proprietary insights transforms previously static touchpoints into portable, interactive, highly engaging mobile-video experiences to help you know your customers on a much more personal level.

Together with our Intellismart Mobile Video Platform, “The Marketing Internet of Everything,” we can help you bridge the gap between the physical and digital world for your customers.

Benefits to You

The IntelliSmart Platform helps you know your customers better


is a mobile video and content delivery platform product developed by Didgebridge.

IntelliSmart “Intelli” stands for the intelligent data provided to marketers. “Smart” stands for shoppable, measurable, actionable, responsive, and timely.

Real world touchpoints, including TV, radio, print, online, social media, in-store displays, outdoor media, and public venues can now be transformed by IntelliSmart’s automated microsites with audience insights for re-targeting and followup.

IntelliSmart marketing tools put the power of mobile marketing in the palm of your hand.


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The Didgebridge Intellismart mobile video marketing platform helps you use the power of mobile video to reach your customers. Watch our video to learn how we can help you.

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Our Company

A group of senior marketers & award-winning technologists created IntelliSmart to bridge the gap between the physical & digital world.

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Features and Benefits

Video Content Delivery

The persuasive power of video is undeniable.  Didgebridge delivers your message through the use of highly focused IntelliSmart landing pages.  We will then measure video message strength and show you what your customers think. Let us be your virtual focus group, but in a live environment and in your target market.

Measure any Touchpoint

Whether you are rolling out a new ad on TV or hot off the presses, IntelliSmart can help you measure where your audience is coming from.  Mobile Marketing is in full swing.  You’ve got to know how your customers are getting to your content and do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Mobile Video Texting

Your target customer is texting many times every day.  There is no better way to reach your customer than mobile advertising through sms text.  We can show you how to reach the growing number of millennials who use sms text messaging every day.

Point of Purchase Tools

In-Store Marketing is not a new concept among retailers, but it has only recently become a hot topic.  With smartphone ownership at over 80%, the market is right for more effective advertising at the point of purchase.  Our tools can help your customers see why they should buy your product over your competitor.


Consumers Consult Smartphones in Retail Stores

Companies are looking for software that will be able to analyze and act in real time – immediately affecting marketing campaigns & purchasing decisions. Then they can act on behalf of marketers during engagement, this will be the tipping point for growth & value.

Michele Goetz, Forrester Research; WSJ; B-5 – April 15, 2014

Michele Goetz

Forrester Research

Industries We Serve

Brand Loyalty / Retail

Global Competition has had a profound impact on the world of consumer products.  How can you reach your target customer with the right information to make a buying decision?  What incentives do you offer to drive sales without reducing your margin?

IntelliSmart microsites are designed with these business goals in mind.  Let us help you discover what motivates your target market to purchase your product over the competition.

IntelliSmart Marketing Tools will help you keep your finger on the pulse of your customers, discover who they are and how they respond to your message.  We help you conduct a live focus group in your target market.

Healthcare / Medical

IntelliSmart microsites are ideal for delivering informative content to patients. This content can be requested by a patient at the suggestion of the doctor to maintain HIPAA Compliance.

IntelliSmart landing pages can also be highly effective in the recruiting of individuals for clinical trials. Information about the protocol can be delivered anonymously, giving the prospective patient all of the information about the trial to see if they are a good fit.

Medical devices and Medical device manufacturers can use IntelliSmart microsites to deliver targeted information about their medical device to doctors, hospitals and patients. This information is vital to ensuring patient safety, providing consumer confidence and increasing sales.

Interactive Television

Interactive TV is the answer to the decline of the television commercial. SmartPhone ownership is at an all time high. IntelliSmart takes advantage of this by using TV as a touchpoint.

Drive customers to purchase from the comfort of their living room. Discover what drives interest in your product through the use of IntelliSmart landing pages.

Remove the limits of the 30 second television spot. Use that time to inform interested persons to learn more about your product and provide incentives to purchase in-store or online.

Public Sector / Politics

The IntelliSmart platform is the Political Campaign Manager’s dream. We provide Political Campaign Tools to make sure you are always aware of who your voters are, what they are interested in and how they respond to your video messages.

Use Sms Shortcode Keyword campaigns to gather your base supporters and rally voters the day before Election Day. Defend yourself quickly by rapidly deploying mobile video that clearly defines the facts on the issues and avoids the smear tactics of negative ads. Raise funds quickly by getting online donation forms in front of your prospective donors.

Even if you are not running for office but wish to raise awareness of a problem that your organization is addressing, IntelliSmart microsites give you a powerful tool for accomplishing your intended goals.

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